The RoboCup 2022 world cup competition in Bangkok was the first in-person competition since the lockdowns began, where the RoboCup competition was unable to take place physically during 2020 and 2021.

The team in Bangkok for the first IRL competition since 2019

This was a real test for our team, after our robots not being fully deployed in such a long time. We brought with us new members that have never experienced a RoboCup Major competition before, and they stepped up to the challenge amicably. This was also the first competition we fully invested into our ROS2 platform, where we begin to see the fruits of the labour previously invested.

That all said: We learned a lot.

Developing in an airport for the 2022 competition

Since then, we have been making incremental improvements to address the issues we found, and have begun work towards new features.

The qualification for the 2023 RoboCup world cup competition soon approaches on the 11th, the team currently works hard to prepare materials! We hope to share some exciting updates in a future post!